About Us

“Our Brand is formed primarily, not by what we say about ourselves, It’s formed by what we do and what we want to be…”

Date of Inception:


Aim: To inspire client’s Digital Marketing Strategies

Mission: To Tell client’s Brand Stories; and make it connect

Values: Never to compromise on our ‘Fundamentals’ of Marketing

Ad Craft Solution’s heart and soul is founded on the fundamentals of ‘creativity, innovation and adept marketing techniques’.

We are fortunate as we met with the perfect start to our passion for digital marketing.

It all started when 4 professionals met, 4 aspirations saw hopes, and 4 friends believed to give wings to their dreams.

The journey so far is incomplete without our fervor to ‘tell story of different brands digitally’.

Our love for digital marketing was the reason for bringing the concept of ‘Ad Craft Solution’.

Ad Craft Solution ~ Great marketing is based on ‘Optimization, Advertising & Socializing’.  

The unconditional support from the ‘awe-inspiring entrepreneurs, amazing business owners, insightful marketing directors, and young CEO’s gives our team the caffeine to start every morning.

Our testimonials, portfolios and fact sheets speak our volume of commitment as digital advertiser and content marketer.

We’re quickly scaling as a start-up, as we believe automation, amateurs and computers can’t do it all.

You need ‘Ad Craft Solution’ as substitute to perform 3 C’s of Marketing ‘creatively, cleverly and compassionately’.

We’re the gen – next ‘Digital Marketers’!

About us

  • No to Second Page Search Engine Page Rankings
  • Pay for Adwords, only when clients visit your website
  • No Social Selling; but Social Branding is our specialty
  • We love to communicate; thus, e-mail Marketing is our unique way to reach your clients inbox
  • We give SMS reminders about anything and everything; be it product launch or festive offers
  • We don’t create designs to sell; we build award winning ‘Web Designs’

Ad Craft Solution is thankful for the constant trust, support and enthusiasm of our clients…

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