“Google Adwords is the significant investment you can do; to build a brand…”

A brand defines your business, to stand tall in the crowd of competitors.

The crux is ~ ‘A Brand is a story told every day; and connects with the right audiences every moment’.

Ad Craft Solutions will create an exciting story about your brand, every time someone searches for your business.

We create your ad on Google; we market your ad to relevant users; and above all you go ‘Live on Google right from the word go’…

There’s no second page for online success; as the best place to hide a dead body is to keep them in second page in ‘Search Engine Page Ranking’.

Google Adwords by ‘Ad Craft Solutions’ is about the first page top ranking, visible to every prospective users searching on Google for services or goods you offer and constant brand exposure.

Why Google Adwords? Don’t joke!

If you’re not on Google, you cease to exist in online market…

Yes, to add ‘Google Adwords’ is the only solution to get ‘easy visibility, instant top ranking & quality traffic’.

“100% Dedicated Adwords Campaign to Drive Traffic & Convert Lead”

Insights into Ad craft Solutions Google Adwords Services:

Adwords / PPC Management:

  • Monthly PPC Management
  • Our Adwords / PPC services are customized, and we have no set budget for starting a campaign.
  • Adwords Campaign Budget is set by client
  • Adwords Boot camp
  • Session with Adwords Manager
  • Consultation to set specific business goals
  • Guidelines to Manage PPC Campaign
  • Free Adwords Campaign Review
  • Adwords Audit Report
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Campaign Review
  • Highlighting different aspects to improve ROI on Campaign
  • PPC Tune Up
  • PPC Campaign Set Up
  • Research & Using Relevant Keywords
  • Quality Advertisement Copy
  • Ad Quality Score & Analysis
  • Blacklisting Negative Keywords for your Industry
  • Analyzing Landing Page Optimization
  • Setting up Account Structure
  • Focusing on Remarket of Tags
  • To track Conversion
  • Planning & Executing Profitable Bidding Strategies

Landing Page Optimization:

  • Landing Page Management  
  • Landing Page Review & Audit
  • Landing Page Analysis
  • Strategic Call to Action, influencing buyers purchase behavior or click pattern
  • Focusing on Strategies to win Buyers Trust
  • Brand Building for achieving Authenticity
  • Focusing on User Friendly & Attractive Landing Page Design
  • Synchronization of ‘Headlines & Body Text’
  • Setting of Color, Font Styles & Graphical Aspects
  • Easy Navigation & Ease of Access
  • Simple & Instant Form
  • Landing Page Design
  • Attractive Page Design
  • Right set of Graphics, Images & Zero distraction
  • Relevant Information to lower bounce rate
  • Professionally Designed Landing Page based on Google Guidelines
  • Decoding the Market needs & Buyers Demand to develop the web page
  • Setting the realistic targets of every web page
  • Web Page Review
  • Web Page Analysis
  • Web Page based on Google Guidelines
  • Call to Action for prompt influence
  • Eliminating any distraction from web page, which can distract conversion
  • Sensible, Easy & Logically Structured Website Navigation System

Benefits of Hiring Ad Craft Solutions Google Adwords Services:  

  • New Website Visitors & Prospective Clients
  • Growth in Online Sales & High Traffic
  • Creating Loyal Customers Group
  • Easy Brand Scaling & Recognition
  • Easy to Find your Website & Services or Goods in ‘Search Engine Results’
  • Target Advertisements to gain more ROI
  • Show your ads to prospective buyers in specific pre-set countries, region, city & locally
  • Show ads in preferred time, run ads according to your convenience & reach the right people at right time
  • Pay for only Clicks and Visits to your Website
  • Customized Budget for Adwords Campaign
  • Certified Adwords Experts will manage your Ad Campaign; not bots or machines
  • Spend your Budget Efficiently, Profitably, Attracting Right Clicks & influencing Buyers Decision
  • Seamless Management of Ad Campaign in Multiple Platform
  • Advertisement are Quality Checked, Rightly Framed, Google Guidelines Passed & Marketed with right Strategy

Ad Craft Solutions just don’t create Ads; we Create Appealing Brands…   

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