A website without SEO, reminds of a car without fuel…

Ad craft Solutions builds your website for users, not search engines; because Google will only prefer you, if users like you.

SEO companies in India never reveal their secrets; we will do!

The fundamentals of ‘SEO services and techniques’, rest in the philosophy of ‘effective communication based on sharing useful information’.

A SEO strategy devoid of informative content, absence of on page do’s and powered by link bait is doomed forever. Thus, many ‘SEO campaign’ never results; but end up gold digging.

Ad craft Solutions takes ‘Search Engine Optimization’ to a new level called ‘Search Engine Marketing’. As we understand marketing is essence of brand building; and if we stop it, we are stopping the ability of the website to reach out to prospective users.

For us SEO starts with —-> SEO Audit + On Page + Off Page + White Hate SEO + Developing User Centric Content

“Our motto is to never stop building your audience, customers and loyalists…”

Insights into Ad craft Solutions SEO services:

SEO Audit:

  • Complete Analysis of website 
  • Analyzing ‘ON Page & OFF Page’ aspects 
  • Evaluating & ‘Valuation of Web Contents’ 
  • Addressing ‘Coding & URL issues of website’ 
  • Guiding strategies to improve contents, user friendly web navigation, link building & building first step for ‘Search Engine Page Ranking’ 
  • Clients get complete report of ‘Audit’ which comprises from 1 to hundred pages; depending on the complexity as well as size of website

On Page:

  • Creating Unique ‘Page Titles’ with primary keywords for the specific page 
  • Focus on ‘Search Engine Listing’ and creating identity of website or page through ‘Meta Descriptions’ 
  • Relevant ‘Meta Tags’ researched and inserted for crawling by spiders 
  • Ensuring and setting the right ‘URL Structure’ for better ranking, crawling and user friendly navigation 
  • Strategic use of Body Tags like ‘H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6’. They are included to make your content search engine friendly; and let the search engine identify the importance of content step by step.

    Example, H1 is always reserved for ‘Page Titles’ and subsequently the heading tags are used in content body 
  • Deciding the ‘Keywords Density’ as according to search engine rule it should be 2 – 5 % per page. Excessive keyword insertion can be treated as spamming by search engine bots and lead to ban or penalization 
  • Using images to boost SEO search; creating unique titles for your images, including alt text and descriptions of images. This will make your website more SEO friendly and quick scaling in search engine
  • Strategically developing ‘Internal Linking’ of your website, it’s a strong tool of enhancing SEO of site. This will give ease of navigation to users and help in crawling of every page faster by search engine bots

Off Page:

  • Social Media Activities + Online Reputation Management 
  • Blogging helps in frequent crawling of sites and keep your users involved 
  • Blog Marketing to popularize your blogs, bringing more users and drawing crawlers attention  
  • Search Engine Submission, makes your website visible in eyes of search engine 
  • Photo Sharing, is best way to attract more users and build strong natural links 
  • Video Marketing a way to get priority in search engine and branding 
  • Business Reviews gives credibility in eyes of users, useful for link building and crawling 
  • Local Listings makes it easy for your website to reach your prospective users 
  • Social Shopping Network giving e-commerce SEO a boost to be find by prospective buyers 
  • Article Submission is a slow and steady process, but helpful in natural link building and drive traffic to your website 
  • Answer Questions helps you in building expertise, backlinks and popularity

White Hat SEO:

  • Strongly believes in slow and steady wins the race. No, indulgence in wrongful method to get quick rankings 
  • Believe in quality over quantity. Say no to spamming 
  • User centric and informative Content 
  • Following ‘doing less is more’ concept of SEO

Benefits of Hiring Ad Craft Solutions SEO Services:  

  • SEO never too costly, you’ll find it as an investment to boost sales 
  • Multiply your Content Impact 
  • Build your Brand Name 
  • Free Advertising in long run 
  • Social presence and user centric 
  • Google and other search engine friendly website 
  • Your website will be easily recognized, searched and found by users 
  • It will help you communicate and share with your targeted groups 
  • Fast scaling of trust & credibility 
  • Long term strategy to high ROI 
  • Best way to get offline sales 
  • Makes your online business open 24 / 7 
  • Relevant traffic, increased leads and higher conversion rates 
  • You can measure your SEO campaign success 
  • Cost effective solution to win over search engine results 
  • SEO consultant is your secret weapon to destroy your online business rivals 
  • Endless opportunity and evolution of strategies for continuous success 
  • Better results than paid advertisement 
  • Help you identify weak spots of your competitors. You can also gain from aspects where competition weak
  • Easiest way to get quality data by form submission
  • Free SWOT analysis of competitors and your online business
  • Permanent results, if done without second thoughts

Don’t be satisfied with second rank!

There’s always space for improvements with SEO…

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